Three Things People Usually Ask About Surveyors App

Three Things People Usually Ask About Surveyors App

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Any wise consumer, including entrepreneurs, should always ask questions about a product that they are interested in. When it comes to Surveyors App, there are three important questions that everyone should be asking if they want to understand how the app does things to the benefit of the company. We will discuss these questions in detail in this article.

Four Commonly Asked Questions about the App

Here are four FAQs or frequently asked questions about the Mandatory Inspections App:

  1. What are mobile forms?
    These digital forms are the equivalent of paperwork in a company’s reporting processes. All the information that the paperwork needs filling out are also in the paperless form – the businessman or someone from his management team will meet with the developers to discuss how to convert the company’s paperwork into digital forms. To use the electronic forms for reporting, employees simply have to login to the app with their details and access the forms – which double as tasks – assigned to them.

  2. What are the security features of the AIBS?
    Security is an important concern, especially for businesses. The App for Mandatory Inspections features three levels of access rights to protect the sensitive data being stored by the business. Each of these access levels can correspond to each mobile workforce member’s rank and stature within the business, so that the lower-level personnel cannot access the database from which they could possible commit data theft.

  3. Does the app need an Internet connection to work?
    Yes and no. Yes, the app will make use of the Internet to submit a report to the Cloud, and from the Cloud to the Management Portal. So what happens when the site or location for a job does not have an Internet connection? That is not a problem. When someone attempts to submit paperless reports in the absence of an Internet connection, the Apps for Inspections will simply mark that form for sending and will resume submission when an active Internet connection is detected.

  4. Can users share forms between each other?
    One of the problems with ensuring productivity is that some workers may want to share tasks with each other. They sometimes do that to cover up for one another if one wants to be absent with no valid reason. The app, however, keeps that from happening by preventing users from exchanging assigned mobile forms with each other as only members of the admin staff can assign, re-assign, or delete forms.

Visit the Website for More Answers

Naturally, there may be questions outside of these four FAQs. Inquiries are always welcome, and interested parties can always visit Mandatory Inspections to explore more features of Surveyors App. Take our tour now!

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