How GPS Routing Can Improve Operations and Visibility for Your Pest Control Business

How GPS Routing Can Improve Operations and Visibility for Your Pest Control Business

Published on: 05-09-2017 | by Misty in paperless, mobile workforce, GPS, GPS Tracking, GPS Routing

In today’s modern world where everything is changing at the speed of light (or so it seems), it helps to not only have the latest gadgets and apps, but also know how to use them. Your mobile workforce is now probably using smartphones and tablets, giving them the ability to be constantly online even if they are in the field. If so, you may have already heard of GPS Tracking. But, did you know it has many uses? Read on to find out how you can maximize GPS Routing for your Pest Control business.

How GPS Tracking Works

Global Positioning System or GPS Tracking is a method that figures out exactly where something or someone is. You can install a GPS tracking system in a vehicle, on your Smartphone, or on special GPS devices – whether fixed or portable. GPS Tracking works by giving information on the exact location of your staff or truck, as well as their movements. You can use a GPS tracking system to monitor the route and progress of your field service truck or mobile workforce for your Pest Control business.

How to Maximize GPS Routing

We at Formitize have figured out a way to maximize GPS Tracking for Users. No more paper run sheets, lost details, or mistakes with the integrated Job Notifications solution. Users are automatically updated with Job Notifications that includes all job-related details.

The Job includes GPS location and route guidance from the User’s current location to the actual job site. Jobs are ordered chronologically and all required details are visible in one screen. All forms for the job are included and the status of the job is updated in real-time – giving management great visibility on the status of all jobs from Assigned to Accepted to Complete or Overdue. These are just a few ways that paperless run sheets with GPS routing can improve operations and visibility for your Pest Control business.

Formitize sends Instant Notifications with Route Guidance to the Job Location. Here’s how it works:
*Users receive Job Notification alert for new jobs.
*Job contains Job Details and all Forms required for the Job.
*Job includes GPS route guidance from current location to site.
*User gets real-time updates on Job progress.

Formitize lets you automatically “fetch” location using your mobile form's Integrated GPS Tracking. GPS and location tracking provides location capture via device GPS; reporting on submission GPS location; job GPS and map positioning; and job sequence tracking. Now you’ll never be left in the dark, wondering how your mobile workforce is doing in the field. GPS Notifications and Route offers real-time updates that show you where your staff and trucks are and how far along they are in their respective workflows. Now that’s transparency and efficiency that you’ll enjoy anytime, anywhere!

Would you like to learn more about Formitize and our GPS and Location Tracking system? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!

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